Cycked, The Green Mojo Revolution

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What is Cycked?

you like, enjoy, or love riding bikes? Are you concerned about riding your bike on the highways? Do you wish bikers were more abundant and safer on the road? If so, you have arrived at the right place!
    After multiple other communities have set up successful bike paths, Anderson Valley Cycked became inspired and has decided to do the same for our town. 
   To be precise about what Cycked really is, it is a community group devoted to cycle based travel, bike power, and bicycle commuting. We have the ability to have a walking and biking path from Boonville to the coast. The infrastructure is there, so let's make it happen! The group is currently situated in Mendocino County. To see where we are currently in our mission, please go to About Us to read more. Let's get Cycked, and onward with the Green Mojo Revolution!

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